Dr. Julie Hutsell-Starling

Spiritual Mentor, Acupuncturist, Alchemist, Teacher, Speaker

Awakening you to your LIGHT, PURPOSE, and PASSION

Her Story

Since 2000, Dr. Julie Hutsell-Starling, DACM, L.Ac has been discovering, studying, and experiencing the mind/body connection and multiple energetic modalities that allow you to tap into your body’s innate sense of balance, health, and well-being.

Her personal journey started when she was just 27 and diagnosed with chronic pain. While healing herself, she discovered acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, which she found helpful with the pain and more importantly, helped her get to the root cause of the pain, which has kept it from returning all these years.

Importantly, her career has also been her greatest teacher. She struggled with burnout off and on for years in private acupuncture practice no matter how much self-care she did, and it wasn’t until she understood the real root cause of the burnout, that the symptoms finally went away and have stayed away.

Dr. Julie loves to guide her clients to get to the root cause of their challenges. When you address the root cause instead of chasing the symptoms, that is how you find true healing, and how you re-find the creativity, joy, inspiration, ease, and flow in your work, your relationships, and in your life.

Dr. Julie teaches her clients self-healing techniques they can use daily or anytime they need. 

She is passionate about putting the power and control back in their hands, and guiding them to connect with their intuition and inner knowing that has been there all along to reclaim their highest healing.

Dr. Julie is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, a Certified Health Coach, a Soul Realignment Akashic Records Practitioner, a Qigong Instructor and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She has been working with patients/clients since 2003 and has worked with thousands of patients and coaching clients in private practice.

Dr. Julie lives in Beaufort, NC on the beautiful Crystal Coast, with her husband and three kitties and loves to love life.

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